Protiviti UK – ghostwriting and editorial projects

I have been working with consulting business Protiviti UK for two years. In that time, I have produced dozens of ghost-written articles, for the media, the website, and covering their busy and varied events programme. The work has included tackling complex topics around regulation, technology, and financial services, alongside human-interest interviews and stories.

I work closely with the UK marketing team, and their PR agency, on a programme of editorial articles, responding to requests, and planning into the future. I also work with a wide range of senior leaders at the firm, building relationships, understanding their expertise, and helping them to communicate to their audiences. Working with Protiviti UK has reaffirmed the value of relationships, trust and collaboration with clients.

“Rupert is very knowledgeable, highly skilled and very good at telling stories, which is at the heart of his writing and comes across when you talk to him about content strategies. His style is very relaxed, and he has also developed great relationships with senior business leaders, commanding gravitas.”
Shofna Uddin, head of marketing, Protiviti UK