Protiviti – editorial series on the future of business

Consulting business Protiviti wanted to produce a series of editorial articles about creating a better business world after the pandemic. They wanted clients, partners, and friends to think about the positive outcomes that could be nurtured following a few months of rapid change in 2020.

We worked with the marketing team to create five pieces of writing that reflected some of the themes and opportunities arising. We interviewed key leaders from the Protiviti management team, and developed the stories being told by businesses, futurists, and thinkers on their weekly webinar series.

The articles, which have been developed under the title #betterthanusual, explore the changing ways we work and the new relationship between our offices and homes. We look at the unexpected boost in collaboration, innovation, and inclusion, using technology and virtual setups, while acknowledging the risks and challenges involved.

There is also a piece on the importance of putting people first as the only way to do business in the future. An article on internal audit involved some powerful stories about failed German fintech Wirecard and a vision of what utopia could look like. The final story embraced some exciting thinking about the future, to help companies view risk in new ways, and collectively face the world’s biggest challenges.

#betterthanusual – five articles on the future of business

Let’s not sleepwalk back to the past

Collaboration, innovation, and inclusion: the triple bonus of lockdown

People will be at the heart of everything we do in future

Utopia is only five years away

Pandemics and climate change: Let’s reimagine the way companies look at risk

“We were recommended to work with Rupert as we wanted to do something different. He worked on refining the brief in collaboration with us; and created a unique thought leadership campaign based on empathy, in a sector that usually focuses on expertise. We are really pleased with the result and the pick-up in the trade press.”

Garry Reynolds, head of UK marketing, Protiviti