Editorial projects.

See your stories come to life in print or online.

Quality editorial content that expresses your unique ideas, or translates complex ideas and data into something meaningful for your audience, is a priceless asset. But writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and that’s ok.

We work with you to produce precise, well-written, narrative-based writing that will connect with your audience and drive the specific actions you need to meet whatever goals you have.

We’ll work with you to develop your ideas, conduct interviews, and gather research to support your project. We’ll create the stories you want to tell and get your opinions in front of the right people in a format that works for them.

How we work

Our approach is rooted in telling stories, and we use a narrative approach to writing: inspired by non-fiction, we enjoy setting the scene, providing colourful context, getting readers interested, and holding their attention to the end. At Story, we care about well-written, readable content people enjoy and learn from.

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Spotlight on Editorial – FAQs.

Projects that involve producing a story: taking an idea and turning it into something that reveals new information, insight, and opinion – and is interesting to read. I enjoy working with creative and curious people who value the journalistic approach in their organisations.

I can work on a retainer or on individual projects for you.

As a retained writer, I work on editorial projects, from idea development to delivery. I am a retained writer and editorial consultant for a global professional services firm, working alongside the marketing team to produce ghostwritten media articles for senior leaders in the UK, Europe and the US. I also work on projects that can last for a few weeks or months.

In 2006, I worked as a sub-editor (page design and copy editing) for a weekly newspaper in Dubai. During an editorial meeting, the editor said he wanted to produce a supplement about Kuwait, and I put my hand up. From that moment, my writing career started properly; on the streets and offices of Kuwait City, I discovered a love of interviewing and features writing, which I have been doing ever since.

Editorial projects.