Do you want to start a podcast but feel overwhelmed by how to get going?

Podcasts are a brilliant way to share your expertise with your community.

They show off your knowledge, helping you make thoughtful connections within your network and start the conversations that matter. And they’re intimate, giving your audience something of value in return for them giving you their precious time, building trust and fostering a deeper relationship.

But, and it’s a big one, starting a podcast can feel overwhelming. If you’re wondering where to start or feeling lost at sea with thoughts of what technology you’ll need, let alone what you’ll say, please know you’re not on your own.

We help all types of people, both individuals and companies, to create and launch their podcasts with confidence. And we can do the same for you.

How we work

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes, and we love to work with clients from the very start to get your message across and start new and engaging conversations. Together we’ll develop ideas and formats and cover everything you need to know, like the tech behind podcasts, editing, distribution and marketing. We can help you launch a series of podcasts or work with you on an ongoing basis to look after your podcast.

If you’re unsure where to begin or are baffled by it all, join one of our workshops or courses to get a taste of podcasting and help you get started.

Spotlight on Podcasts – FAQs.

It depends on what you want to create. I’d say the most important thing is to invest in a decent microphone you can use to record your voice; USB microphones will plug straight into your computer. Then there’s software for recording and editing and platforms to get your podcast out there. But I can help you with all that.

Write your ideas down! We can then work on your ideas – one to one – to develop them into an engaging, creative and brilliant podcast that you’ll be proud of and want to keep producing. Ask yourself this question: How is this podcast helping my audience? Everything you do should focus on this.

Consistency. Keep producing your podcast; you’ll get better, and your audience will grow. Seventy-five per cent of podcasts don’t get past the first few episodes – find an idea you can develop and a format that’s easy for you to execute, and you’ll want to keep producing your podcast. The more you show up, the better you’ll get.

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Podcast projects.