Audio production.

Develop polished programmes, documentaries and features.

When creating documentaries, programmes and features, especially dealing with sensitive topics, you need a producer you can trust to work with empathy and patience.

We work with networks, charities and businesses to produce powerful audio content that gets to the heart of sensitive stories. Working for Prison Radio and time spent creating programmes for Baby Club for BBC Sounds and Bump Club on 5 Live has given us a high degree of experience in scripting and producing difficult subjects and conversations.

How we work

We manage all your guests and contributors sensitively, ensuring they feel at ease and comfortable with opening up and sharing their experiences, no matter how difficult or traumatic.

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Spotlight on Audio production – FAQs.

It might be for a radio programme, documentary or recorded audio for your business: an audio course to guide your learners through a topic, for example. I still bring the same production skills and sound design to audio productions – in fact, this is where it all started, making programmes for broadcasters – but it won’t be in downloaded or streamed through a podcast platform.

In many audio productions, as well as podcasts, I’ll work with a sound engineer. This makes the production really sparkle. They check audio levels, clean up recordings and bring a huge amount of experience to the sound design and final mix. I work closely with Micky Curling from Mix Broadcast; we’ve known each other for a long time and I’d trust him with any programme.

I have lots of experience working with and for broadcasters. Many of the productions have been nominated for awards. I have worked on a wide range of programmes and bring patience, experience and an understanding of editorial guidelines. If you are making a programmes, it’s important to get right. If you need a safe pair of hands, I’m your producer.

Audio production projects.