Made By Mortals – Armchair Adventures podcast

Armchair Adventures has been developed by Paul Hine and Andy Smith, directors at Made by Mortals. They explore the health and social challenges of our times through people-powered musical theatre. With support from the National Lottery and the Arts Council, they have been able to create audio content, films, and workshops, for their audiences during the pandemic. The series was created with over-55s theatre group Hearts & Minds, and included a composer, musicians, and actors.

This is the story… Fifteen-year-old Connie lives with her mum and dad in a flat above their family run travel agents in Ashton, East Manchester. As a result of Covid-19, the business was in major trouble and on the brink of going bust. But when Connie reached out to their ‘lovely customers’, they came up with an alternative approach to a traditional vacation. Join Connie and her customers as they take you on a series of Armchair Adventures. You’ll visit magical places, meet extraordinary people, and understand the world a little better as you embark on a journey of the imagination.

Story Publishing worked with the team to record the main character on location in Guide Bridge, East Manchester. We then mixed the audio elements together and created the sound design for the series, alongside Micky Curling from Mix Broadcast. In addition to the scripted elements and music, participants used the technology they had available to record remotely, from home.

Armchair Adventures is also available as an activity pack, which can be used by schools and community organisations to tell their own stories during this time. For my information, and to listen to the podcast, check out the Made by Mortals website. You can also find it on the main podcast platforms. The video below explores the making of the series.