Get your story out there faster.

Hiring a ghost writer is the perfect answer when there’s a conversation to be had, but you don’t have the time or experience to put it into words.

We work with people across all types of businesses, spending time understanding your ideas, points of view and opinions on a topic. It might be something you want your clients to understand more about; a trend in their market, a story that matters or an issue that needs a clear explanation.

We’ll make sense of what you see, hear and experience in your day job. And create a story enriched with your knowledge and expertise, using the rhythm of narrative to grab attention, engage your audience and keep them interested.

How we work

The process is similar to journalism but with the ultimate goal of making sure the article sounds like you, and this takes trust, accuracy and mutual respect. This is often more of an art than a science, depending on our relationship and understanding. As time goes on, it’s easier to develop this muscle and how creative and opinionated you want to be.

As you share your knowledge, you trust us to produce something that reflects your point of view. But it also allows enough creative flair for the article to be interesting, readable, and valuable to its audience.

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Spotlight on Ghostwriting – FAQs.

I can help you to shape your ideas, opinions and research into content that tells a story. I work with people across the world to help them get their stories out there faster – to their audiences, into the media and through social media. My experience as a journalist means I can work with you to find out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and write something that is colourful and considered; clear and concise.

I often start with a brief that explains more about a topic. This can be produced in conjunction with the contributor, or a request from an editor. Then I’ll do an interview with that person and invite the contributor to share everything they know about the topic, being careful to answer the brief. I can prepare some questions in advance, or use the brief as a guide; either way, it’s an opportunity to gather material before writing. After the interview, I’ll produce a draft article for review, edits and changes, using additional research if needed, to back up the points being made.

My preferred approach is to work with someone from the beginning, building the story and the relationship as we go along. But I do get asked to help people edit work they have produced themselves or with colleagues. I aim to approach this in a similar way: understanding the brief, any editorial guidelines, and working through the article to help make it concise and clear. Generally, ghost writing and editing people’s work is about trust, respect and collaboration.

Ghostwriting projects.