Helen Perry – #justbloodypostit podcast

Helen Perry has created a business helping people to ‘share their sh*t boldly and brilliantly’ online. The former broadcast journalist describes herself as an Instagram expert, community builder and ‘encourager’ – and has built a loyal following of fans.

Over the past three years, Helen has gone from writing a blog, to developing a community of thousands using Instagram; alongside newsletters and workshops. Her online learning sessions regularly attract more than 100 people. And, in 2021, she wanted to create a podcast.

The first series of the #justbloodypostit podcast contains a series of interviews with people who have built businesses online, using social media.

Helen says it’s “for every person – and there have been a few – who’ve told me that they worry about putting themselves out there; about how much to share, and who don’t want to appear to be promoting themselves.” It’s also for “people who’re reluctant to be on camera or who aren’t quite ready to start something new”.
Suzi has been working with Helen to develop the series, consulting on the format, production, sound design and remote recording of each episode. She has been working behind the scenes to make sure that each conversation is captured in quality audio, before editing and mixing the final broadcasts.