X.0 Advisory – My Digital Journey podcast

Corporate financier Nick Horrocks, from X.O Advisory, wanted to create some lasting educational content as he launched his new business, which helps technology companies to raise funding.

We helped Nick develop My Digital Journey into a series of 22 episodes, where he interviewed some brilliant guests – from adventurers to business leaders – about how technology continues to influence, challenge and disrupt business.

This was an interesting and fun project to do and we recorded each one on location at people’s offices and sometimes their homes. We travelled around the North West and there even was a trip to the NEC in Birmingham to interview Alastair Humphries before he went on stage at a conference. There was a gospel choir rehearsing in the next room, as we recorded, but I don’t think that you can actually hear them on the podcast, miraculously.

Our highlights include Gemma McCall co-founder and managing director at Culture Shift, on combating bullying and harassment using data as part of the growing ‘tech for good’ movement; Alastair Humphreys, the adventurer and author, speaks about building honest connections through storytelling, focusing on content creation over analytics, and why you don’t need thousands of followers.

There’s also an episode with Jason Spencer, business development director at ITV, who explains how the world’s fifth biggest TV producer is taking on Netflix and Amazon, and why he’s talking to the corporate finance community about helping companies scale.

The series was launched in June 2019, with six episodes, across nine podcasting platforms, using Anchor as the host. It has continued to be rolled out, with a new episode released each week until the end of September. It was recorded on a Zoom H6, edited in Adobe Audition, with additional support from our sound engineer at Mix Broadcast, to polish the final product.

Listen to My Digital Journey on Anchor, or search for the series on your preferred podcasting platform.

“Working with Story Publishing was an excellent experience. They know how to make content interesting and the technical skills to produce a polished final product. This has been vital for X.0, as the podcast has become a source of thought leadership, a way of engaging with the tech community and promoting the business to prospective clients. It’s something we are all extremely proud of as a firm.”
Nick Horrocks, managing director, X.0 Advisory