Revolving Doors Agency – bereavement and loss podcast

We recently recorded a podcast for the Revolving Doors Agency about bereavement and loss in the criminal justice system.

Suzi has spent nearly nine years working inside a prison and this was something she had experienced first-hand. But she hadn’t realised the far-reaching consequences of what impact bereavement and loss could have upon people in the system.

In the podcast we hear from academics who have studied the subject, policy makers and practitioners, but also accounts from those who have been affected; like Sat, whose story was breath-taking – he’d lost at least six people by the time he was 20; when he went to prison, he lost a cousin soon after.

What struck Suzi was that while our natural reaction is to help and show empathy to people who suffer bereavement how do you do that with people in the criminal justice system? And what impact does that have on their ability to grieve alone? Ultimately, places like prisons can hold the key to help and address these issues for people who are suffering.

The podcast was recorded it on a Zoom H6 and the room was very noisy at times, so Suzi had to keep heading to the corner of the room to record one- to-one interviews. Because she had a terrible cold on the day, and had lost her voice, the links were recorded at a later date and edited out the questions as much as possible. Mix Broadcast did a lovely job on the edit and music.

Please have a listen and find out more here