What We Do

Story Publishing is an editorial, podcasting and research business, which produces stories and insights that educate, inspire and connect people. We combine the skills of print and broadcast journalism, with psychology, to get under the skin of our subjects

Editorial and photography

We love bringing stories to life in print or online. Whether it’s full publications, features for magazines, whitepapers for business, research briefings for universities, or opinion pieces for business leaders – our approach is the same: we write engaging stories. We specialise in writing primary content – using interviews – to support what you want to say in a simple but engaging way.

We also enjoy documentary photography and have taken pictures to accompany some of our interviews and stories. In addition to the images on this site, you can find more at www.rupertcornford.com.

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Podcast development, production and editing

Podcasting is a powerful platform to have a conversation with your audience. A combination of growing listener numbers, easy distribution and the opportunity to produce a quality and affordable broadcast, is opening up the audio market. Podcasts can be used to share stories, educate people, and provide an additional channel to communicate with your customers and community. They can also provide a great opportunity to provide insight and value to the sector you operate in.

We can work with you to develop the format, style and content of the series; we can record and produce each episode, including scripting, introductions and music, and run all the content through a broadcast quality editing process, before distributing it to the main platforms. We can also support you with consultancy and training, so you can do it yourself. Our aim is to help you start and sustain your own podcast and provide you with the right support to make it sound great and engage your audience.

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Research projects

We can support your growth through research in two ways: to develop your relationships with customers and provide thought-leadership for your communications campaigns. We will work with you to understand the objectives of the research and to construct the right questions for what you are trying to achieve. Using our interview skills, we collect both quantitative and qualitative data, in order to provide measurable feedback on performance, and the nuances of people’s views and opinions. Both data sets are analysed using principles from psychology, which enable themes to emerge.

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Facilitation and training

We are experienced journalists and event hosts, and can provide facilitation for conferences and panel discussions, in addition to training and development work on writing and podcasting. We can work with you to help your leaders and teams to tell good stories, create written content that will inspire people, and help you to start your own podcast.

Our purpose is to tell stories that connect, inspire and educate people – and that means helping you to do the same.

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